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Daniel was born in Omaha, Nebraska on October 11th of 1997 to parents William and Karla Zavadil at the Clarkson Regional Health Facility. A week after Daniels birth, a record snowstorm hit the Omaha area caking Omaha with nearly 2 feet of snow, leaving the Zavadils and a portion of Omaha without power for over 5 days.


Accountant, Customer Success, Analyst, Artist, Heavy Equipment Operator, Entrepreneur


Early Life

Daniel grew up in the historic Dundee Neighborhood of Omaha, Nebraska son of an engineering software sales manager and a pharmacist, later moving to West Omaha in 2002. He attended Saint Wenceslaus grades K-8, attending Skutt Catholic for his freshman and sophomore years of Highschool and later transferred to Millard West for his upper classman years. Daniel stayed around the Omaha area for his freshman year of college enrolling at the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) and transferring again to the University of Nebraska at Kearney (UNK) for the purpose of participating in a national student exchange program which led him to the University of Utah Spring semester of Sophomore year majoring in Information Systems at the time. After spending the Spring and Summer of 2018 in Salt Lake City, Daniel moved back to Kearney, Nebraska to finish his undergraduate in accounting, graduating in December of 2020. After graduating, Daniel enjoyed some brief “figure it out” time off and landed his first professional job working for Figure lending which led to a relocation from Nebraska to Bozeman, Montana.


Daniel struck his first professional job working as a merchandising intern for KAAPA commodities in Kearney Nebraska then was recruited to work in the accounting department, here Daniel was exposed to commodity and future markets. After college, Daniel accepted a customer success job working for San Francisco based Figure Lending in the Bozeman, Montana office, later being promoted to a Cap Table Operations Analyst for Figure Technologies. After two years of professional work, Daniel resigned to pursue Block Biome, a construction conglomerate that designs plaques for buildings and provides educational services.

People Influences

Dad, Uncles, Ben Ryan, Tony Robbins, bro/hippie/cowboy culture, Jesus.

Craft Influences

Railroads, abandoned mines, multi medium exteriors, iron art, post and timber frame construction, jungle wood carpentry, CNC/Machining Technology, heavy equipment, alpine architecture